My name is Jess. If you’re here, you’re probably here because I sent you here to check out this new space…where I’ve made a new home for myself, in which case you already sort of know who I am. If you’re here because you stumbled across my blog and are new to me and my life; welcome.

I’m a mama in my early twenties to two kick ass boys; Nolan (born April 23rd, 2009) and Archer (born October 5, 2011). I’m with the love of my life, Matt, and we’re newly weds! We got married on July 23rd, 2010. We are definitely enjoying this new life as a married couple 😉 Matt and I have made it through a lot, and you can read about our “love story” on this here page. We still have a long way to go to reach the financial stability everybody strives to reach. We’ll get there, even if it seems more like an uphill battle both ways!

I’m not perfect; nor do I claim to be. I’ve been “going to” bake whole wheat muffins for the past month and a half [note; I finally baked the damn muffins. SUCCESS]. I’ve been “going to” fold that pile of clean laundry for nearly two weeks. I’ve been “going to” clean the entire living room and dining room for the past three months.

You get the picture. But I try, and that’s the important thing…right?

I write, I parent, and I do millions of other things. This blog is a collection of stories from me to you; my thoughts, my adventures, my rantings. This blog will hopefully mark each step of the finding myself again journey I’m attempting to get my butt on.

So, sit back and enjoy yourself. Don’t hesitate to comment, I am a blogger afterall…comments are gold to us bloggers. I like to know you’re here, in my new house of thoughts.

Much love,



13 responses to “About

  1. just found your blog today, and i’m already hooked. you’ve got quite the cute little guy, mama.

    – e

  2. Your family is absolutely stunning! And you m’dear, are gorgeous! I was just reading your post about the ignorance at WalMart and I’m just floored by the fact they even noticed your toes when you’re so breathtakingly pretty!

    I can’t even remember how I found you. Oh wait, I saw an incoming link from your site and decided to come over. So very glad I did!

  3. hello there!

    I saw your link from The Young Mommy Life and decided to check out your site. In one word, it’s amazing! I too, am a young mother, and short of a support network, I recently created a blog called Mom Delicious in order to connect with other young moms like you. Finding sites like this was one of my main goals so kudos to you!


  4. krisy0987

    Hello! Found your blog through Elle when she blogged happy birthday to you. Was wondering if you have twitter? Love your blog by the way I’ve become addicted now!

  5. Saw your reply on BackWoodsMama and hopped over. And I’m commenting b/c I hate lurkers! lol.. Hi!

  6. Hello! I’ve been reading/lurking your blog for a while now, and didn’t see an “email me” button anywhere, so… would I perhaps be able to be given a password to read password-protected posts, if that’s okay?

    Pretty please?

  7. are you on FB? would love to friend you ~ have been reading you for about 2 yrs now and just grabbed a badge of yours for my blog 🙂

    BTW, how in the heck to you make a “badge” anyway?

    Hope you are feeling better soon and get to have a Happy New Year!

  8. Mia

    Just found your blog from twitter I am in love with your blog and your writings about your life. Keep it up. I am wondering if I can follow you on twitter.

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